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asked Dec 3, 2017 in Other by
What other websites or mailing-list etc. can you recommend as places to exchange knowledge or develop ideas that are covering similar topics as this website?

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answered Dec 4, 2017 by
The most similar website is probably KnowledgePoint, a site jointly run by some UK based INGOs:
Their focus is a bit broader, i.e. not only WASH, but other than the moderators not so many people have participated lately.

The RWSN mailing lists on Dgroups are a very large exchange group mainly related to water supply (most active group is the "sustainable ground water development").

Mostly sanitation & hygiene focussed, but quite active are the SuSanA discussion forums:
Sustainable Sanitation Alliance Discussion Forum

If you have an account on LinkedIn (and are aware of the privacy concerns related to using such commercial sites), the WSSCC's community of practise might also be interesting.

There also used to be a discussion forum on but it hasn't been active for some years and seems to have been disabled recently.