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asked Dec 25, 2017 in Other by
Water-point mapping, beneficiary feed-back mechanisms and similar efforts, especially using mobile apps is becoming more and more popular in the WASH sector. RWSN has even a dedicated group on it over at

So, what are some popular services or software that you can recommend?

At my organisation we usually resort to ODK or Kobotoolbox. Which is nice and well proven, but the mobile-apps really show their age, and all in all they are more geared towards lengthy (data-sensitive) surveys. This is not surprising given that they were originally developed in the health-sector, but for the often more simple WASH sector needs it feels clunky at times. It seems like ONA is trying to improve on that a bit (by adding maps) and with the Enketo webform tool it sure looks nicer... but somehow I still feel like this isn't quite the best solution yet.

Personally I would also much prefer an open-source solution that can be self-hosted, but any suggestions are welcome.

Are there any solutions that also allow direct beneficiary feedback/reporting mechanisms? Maybe something that links also to popular socail services such as Facebook or Twitter?
commented Dec 30, 2017 by
User experiences with tools like:
are also appreciated :)

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